Team – MKB Fintechlab

from the inside,

People come first at Fintechlab. We are motivated to bring innovations to the financial market and we believe that behind every great accomplishment, there are people working smart in the background. We are passionate about finding challenging problems, learning about new methods, bringing in solutions and execute on our vision. Although we don’t mind having some fun during the journey.

János Pereczes

Chief Digital Officer @MKB

Norbert Gaál

Managing Director

Mary Collins Alcantara

Head of Startups

Zoltán Ács

Head of Innovation

István Köcse

Chief Financial Officer

Erzsébet Vizaknai

Senior Innovation Manager

Krisztina Szerovay

Lead UX Designer

Edit Horváth

UX researcher

Dorottya Kocsis

Office Manager

Zsolt Ihász

Lead Product Designer

János Barra

Senior UX Designer

Other key people

Ildikó Ginzer

Deputy CEO,
MKB Bank