Applications for the spring programme now closed!

A big thanks to everyone who partook in Fintech Academy 2.0, came to one of our roadshow events, guest talks or contributed to our final homecoming event in Budapest. The evaluation interviews with the applicants are now underway and we are on track to introduce our new batch of awesomely innovative startups next February. If you've missed the deadline or just weren't ready yet, feel free to approach us for mentoring or give your technology a try in the MKB Bank API Sandbox.

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Our 12-week acceleration program is focused on bringing you that commercial partnership with the Bank that you need to launch. We believe in focused work and co-creation of value. We bring ideas to market in 12 weeks. Our only success is your progress.


Equity or convertible investment of up to 100k EUR with 25k EUR at the beginning of the program


Customized curriculum, training program and world-class mentoring


Expedited customer reach through the bank, mentors and partners


Coworking space and knowledge center in the heart of Budapest


Access to MKB's development and testing environment

So... do you have what it takes?


You know why us, but why you? Do you have all the signs that point to the next great fintech success story?
Apply only if you have the following:

  • Brilliant idea Your product or service is future-proof and scalable
  • Dedicated team Your team has both the relevant IT and business skills
  • Product in development You not only have an idea but you are already working on your prototype or MVP
  • Time to spare At least 2 of you are willing to work full time and move to Budapest for the program



Applications close

Interview period

Selection Camp

Program begins

Demo Day

Applications close

1 December 2017

Interview period

2–11 December 2017

Selection Camp

14–16 December 2017

Program begins

5 February 2018

Demo Day

17 May 2018

The Team

János Pereczes

Managing Director

Mary Collins

Head of Startups

Tamás Léder

Head of Partnerships

Melinda Csik

Office Manager

Elle Smits


Márton Álovits

Head of Design

Further key members

Márk Hetényi

Deputy CEO,
Retail and Digital,
MKB Bank

Zoltán Bánfi

Executive Director,
MKB Bank


  • Blueopes

    Blueopes is an automatized wealth and personal finance management service for asset managers, differentiating by using artificial intelligence to custom-tailor investment portfolios to users’ personal values, goals and risk profile on an individual stock level, while taking into account environmental, social and governance criteria (“ESG”) to deliver competitive financial returns (sustainable or socially responsible investing “SRI”).
  • Elevator Finance

    Elevator Finance is building an online lending platform for consumer loans. Our goal is to gather all the data and documentation which are necessary for the loan decision online. Our multi-banking platform can be easily customized to any uncovered loan product (personal loan, credit card or hire purchase loan) of any bank.
  • Family Finances

    Digital financial ecosystem for families integrating PFM, EduTech, investment, and payment services to create more conscious finances at home. Family Finances creates an integrated financial ecosystem for the whole family. A payment function, which allows parents to send money to their children instantly.A goal-based savings function enabling children to set personal and mutual savings goals with their parents. And finally, personal financial management for children EduTech - theoretical materials, educational videos and gamification, which directly contribute to children’s financial consciousness
  • FintechBlocks

    FintechBlocks is an ideal solution for PSD2-implementation, as it not only supplies mandatory PSD APIs, but provides an innovation platform and fintech marketplace for the banks.
  • Limitless

    Investing made easy with the Limitless app - helping financial institutions engage Millennials with microinvestments. Millennials need simple financial products to start investing, while financial institutions are struggling to engage Millennials and freelancers (i.e. irregular income, Gig Economy). Limitless is a free-to-use white-label mobile app for automated micro-investments with spending-based investments going into a portfolio of a low-cost funds.
  • Tőkeportál

    Tőkeportál is the first Hungarian equity crowdfunding portal that aims to attract local and regional capital-seeking companies which offer a certain share of their share capital in exchange for capital increase to investment seeking individuals, corporates and institutions who directly or indirectly invest in companies. The portal will be a supervised entity that obliges companies on regular follow up reports to enhance transparency and build trust in investors.


  • Balázs Faluvégi
    Co-founder, Blueopes

    Fintechlab has it all, what a fintech startup in the region needs: a young, dedicated, professional team with an honest, but assertive attitude in mentoring and advisory. Workshops and meetings that are truly useful. The background of a commercial bank, with many interesting insights. Even an exciting game room to clear your mind, and an amazing Monday morning kick-off breakfast to feed your stomach.

  • Iván Muck, Ferenc Muck & Gábor Fodor Papp
    Co-founders, Family Finances

    The most important uniqueness of the Fintechlab was that it connected fintech enthusiasts with bankers with a more conservative mindset, so that we could design cutting-edge financial services together. We would recommend Fintechlab’s incubation program for all fintech startups that are keen on cooperating with banking partners and believe in bank-fintech partnerships.

  • Sara Koślińska
    Co-founder, Limitless

    The program provided us with the unique opportunity to get an insight into bank processes and understand how to introduce innovation at a bank - for a fintech startup this is great learning experience!

We work with

Our selected partners act as hands-on advisor to our founders - they are investors, key advisors, potential customers and co-creators.



1What types of businesses is MKB Fintechlab focusing on?

We are looking for startups that have products or services in the financial technologies field. The following areas of fintech are interesting for us:

  • Advisory (e.g. online advisors, roboadvisors, PFM),
  • Cross-process (e.g. sales support, big data analytics and predictive modelling,),
  • Financing (e.g. crowdfunding, micro-loans and credit facilities, pawning),
  • Infrastructure (e.g. security, blockchain), Insurance (e.g. risk management),
  • Investments (e.g. equity crowdfunding and Peer-to-peer lending, roboadvisors),
  • Payments (e.g. digital wallets, mobile payments and peer-to-peer payments, cryptocurrencies, money transfer)
2What stage of a startup are you looking for?

We are looking for early stage startups that have a team with diverse skill sets and a clear business idea (having an MVP is optional but not required).

3What role is MKB Bank going to play and are the selected startups going to run pilots with the bank?

MKB Fintechlab is working closely with professionals from MKB Bank. We invite experts from the bank to mentor startups and deliver workshops in their fields of expertise. The incubated startups have the opportunity to run pilots with MKB Bank, the pilot negotiations are supported and facilitated by Fintechlab.

4Do you only support startups in banking and finance?

We are looking for startups that bring innovation into the world of finance. They can develop solutions for multiple sectors and can create value in the banking and finance sectors as well. If you feel like the description suits you, feel free to apply.


1What does the application process look like?
  1. The application starts with an online application form where you will introduce your team, problem, product, market and results (basic onepager content). The goal is to give us an important overview of your startup.
  2. In 7 days we give you feedback and if you succeed to the shortlist phase, invite you to fill out the detailed application form.
  3. The application closes on Sunday, 1 December 2017. On Friday, 8 December 2017 we invite the best 20 startups to a 2-day long event in Budapest, called Selection Bootcamp.
  4. At the bootcamp you can meet our team and mentors, get to know the details of the programme and we can test whether chemistry works between us. You will participate mentoring sessions, fill out short surveys and get to pitch to the leadership of MKB Bank.
  5. After the bootcamp, 8 startups are selected to the incubation programme beginning February 2018.
2Do I need to have a detailed business plan to apply?

We don’t expect a detailed business plan, during the incubation you will have time and plenty of help to figure out details of your business. However we expect you to have a clear understanding of the problem you are trying to solve and what business models might be appropriate. The more you can demonstrate to us that you have taken steps to validate your idea, the better.

3When will I hear back about my application?

The application period closes on 1 December. We will notify the startups who have been accepted to the interview round on 4 December. 20 startups will be invited to participate in our Selection Bootcamp which will take place in Budapest from December 14-16.

4Can we still apply if we have received prior funding?

Yes, if you have received funding from angel investor or an incubator/accelerator you can apply to the Fintechlab. If you are past the seed stage, you may be a better candidate for our investment fund.

5Can we apply from outside of Europe?

The application is open worldwide. We will notify the teams accepted to the incubator at least 1 month prior the start of the programme so you have to make sure to get your VISA and arrive to Budapest in time.

6Can I apply as a single founder?

We prefer teams with a strong founding team of multiple co-founders because we found that the incubator programme is the most valuable for a team of co-founders. As a single founder we suggest you to apply only if you already have some traction and you are actively looking for a co-founder whom you plan to find by the beginning of the programme.

7Which fields can the startups apply from?

The following areas of fintech are interesting for us:

  • Advisory (e.g. online advisors, roboadvisors, PFM), Cross-process (e.g. sales support, big data analytics and predictive modelling,),
  • Financing (e.g. crowdfunding, micro-loans and credit facilities, pawning),
  • Infrastructure (e.g. security, blockchain), Insurance (e.g. risk management),
  • Investments (e.g. equity crowdfunding and Peer-to-peer lending, roboadvisors),
  • Payments (e.g. digital wallets, mobile payments and peer-to-peer payments, cryptocurrencies, money transfer)
8When will I know about being invited to the Bootcamp?
If you are invited to the Bootcamp we will notify you at least 2 weeks in advance.
9What are the selection criteria?

We are looking for startups with a strong founding team solving a real problem. During the selection process we check:

  • if the team has a diverse skill set and is able to execute
  • if the the founders have really thought about the business and have a business model to validate during our programme
  • if you are already working on your product (working on prototype or MVP)
10Does our startup need to be registered in Hungary to get the funding?

Yes, you have to have a Hungarian legal entity but Fintechlab’s team will help you through the process all the way.


1Will all the accepted startups get funding?

Yes, all accepted startups will receive funding up to 100k EUR in cash in 2 steps.

2How much funding do we get if we are accepted and with what terms?

Every startup gets 25k EUR in cash for 4-6% equity. At the end of the programme, additional funding is available for teams who are performing well and meeting their milestones.

3Is there a chance for more funding from Fintechlab?

Yes, Fintechlab offers ab additional 75k EUR in funding to the top teams at the programme for additional equity, on terms to be negotiated on a case by case basis.

4What is the sandbox?

Through the sandbox startups can access MKB Bank’s development and testing environment. There are 3 APIs available at the moment: Account Information API, Payment Initiation API and Branch/ATM API. For more information visit the Developer Portal.


1What does the programme look like?

The incubation programme is 12 weeks long and startups gain tons of knowledge through workshops, mentor sessions and meetings with industry experts all along the programme. The workshops cover these main areas: business model, business development, compliance, team, product development and pitch. The programme ends with the Demo Day, an event where you’ll showcase your business to an audience of 100-200 investors, partners, banks, mentors, media and local startup ecosystem.

2I have other commitments, can I join the programme for less than 3 months?

When you are selected to join at least 2 people from your founding team is expected to make a 100% commitment to being on-site for the full 3-month programme duration.

3Where does the incubation take place?

The incubator is located in the centre of Budapest, Hungary. Our address is Nyugati tér 5, 1132 Budapest, Hungary.

4Do we have to move to Budapest if we are accepted? If yes, for how long?

If you are selected for the incubator 2 people from your team (preferably key people meaning the founding team) are expected to move to Budapest for the entire 12 week programme duration.

5What expenses does MKB Fintechlab cover?

We don’t cover travel and accommodation costs, but we provide fast funding and free coworking office space with facilities during the programme. You can stay and work from the coworking office for 3 more months after the programme ends.

6Who are the mentors?

Our mentors are entrepreneurs, banking experts and corporate partners. Every startup gets a key mentor working at MKB Bank, the key mentor is guiding the startup through the cooperation with the bank.